Esenciales amethyst double bracelet

77,00 VAT inc.

  • Gems: Hematite, amethyst, green prehnite
  • Double elastic bracelet 
  • 925 silver pieces and clasp 
  • Handmade in Minorca
  • Available sizes: 17cm | 18cm 
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This double amethyst, prehnite and hematite bracelet is one of our essentials. The bracelet is elastic and is rolled to your wrist.

In addition, it has two tassels of green and purple tones that hang from it. These pendants are joined by a clasp that gives you the option to remove them and put them when you feel like it. The double amethyst, prehnite and hematite bracelet is practical and very easy to combine. The pieces are 925 silver and the bracelet has been assembled by hand in our workshop in Menorca.

Minerals have properties and characteristics that make them unique, here are some of its most important aspects so you can know more about the gems of your jewel.

The amethyst comes mostly from Brazil or Uruguay. The amethyst is a variety of quartz and its color is given by its physical composition, it has manganese and iron. Its purple hue is related to rest, tranquility and relaxation, therefore, it brings calm and tranquility to those who wear it.

Rainbow or multicolored fluorite comes mainly from mines in Asia. Its name comes from the Latin “fluere” and means to flow, to let go. Fluorite clears and calms the mind and thus facilitates concentration.

Natural stones may have slight color differences from those in the image.

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Bracelet size guide

In this guide, we present the different measures that you can find on our bracelets. If you need a special measure that is not contemplated in this guide, please contact us ( and we will inform you of the possibilities that we can offer you as well as the waiting time.

Check your perfect measures:

  • Small size (s): 17cm
  • Medium size (the most common – M): 18cm
  • Big size (L): 19cm We also have bracelets for girls. T

he most common measures are as follows:

  • Small size (Girl -S): 14cm
  • Medium size (Girl -M): 15cm
  • Big size (Girl -L): 16cm 

If when you take the measure of your wrist you doubt between one or another size, we can also manufacture it to you being able to choose half sizes so that your bracelet adapts perfectly to you. Ask us by WhatsApp or by email and we will be happy to help you.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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Silver 925


Purple, Green