In Marybola's workshop, led by Gloria, founder and designer of the brand, we make all kinds of pieces to order. Such is the case, that on a hot Tuesday in August the telephone rang to make a very special assignment:-Gloria, would you like your jewels to shine on the most famous catwalk in Spain?That's how it all started; From Marybola we are very proud to be able to design exclusively and to be able to create jewels in which minerals are the protagonists of the great catwalks.

joyas de pasarela


Duyos relies again on our creations, designed by Gloria Gomila, to create a fully personalized collection that was presented inside at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

The collection presented in the autumn-winter 2019 edition aims to transfer its ideal as a woman: leader, brave and self-confident. This collection receives the name of Alexandria since it is inspired by Ancient Egypt, being Cleopatra the main reference since it was the only pharaoh woman that has existed. Highlights the large volumes expressed with minimalism and purity.

joyas pasarela marybola 2018
joya pasarela shungit cuarzo rosa y cristal

Necklace created with shungite, rose quartz and crystal quartz.

Pasarela MFW marybola
pendientes con cuarzo rosa, pirita y amatista

Earrings designed with rose quartz, pyrite, and amethyst.

pendinetes cuarzo rosa, cuarzo cristal y pirita

Earrings created with pyrite, rose quartz and crystal quartz.

pendientes cuarzo rosa, pirita y jade verde

Earrings made with pink quartz, pyrite and green jade.

joyas marybola MFW
collar cuarzo cristal y shungit

Necklace designed with shungite and two pieces of crystal quartz.

marybola MFW 2018
pendientes cuarzo cristal, pirita y mica

Earrings made with crystal quartz, pyrite, and muscovite.

marybola y duyos
pendientes de onix y mica muscovita

Earrings made with onyx and muscovite.

maryboal Madrid Fashion Week
collar con pirita shungit y cuarzo cristal

Necklace made with shungite, pyrite, and crystal quartz.

MFW marybola 2019
collar con morganita, shungit, cuarzo rosa cuarzo cristal y pirita

Necklace made with morganite, shungite, rose quartz, crystal quartz, and pyrite.

joyas marybola duyos
collar con onix, obsidiana pirita, cuarzo rosa y cuarzo cristal

Necklace designed with a necklace with onyx, obsidian, pyrite, rose quartz and crystal quartz.




Marybola appears for the first time at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid in collaboration with the fashion firm Duyos. Several collections of jewels were created to give light and volume to the dresses and ensembles designed by the dressmaker Juan Duyos.

Lunaria made with labradorite and gold-plated silver, Icarus, a combination of warm tones with gems such as garnet, quartz, and sunstone, necklaces and earrings made of natural amber, pieces of turquoise and aquamarine necklaces size XXL were the protagonists.


Natural amber necklace

pendientes marybola icaro

Earrings from the Icarus collection made with garnet, quartz and lepidocrocite

Bracelet from the Icarus collection of garnet, quartz, lepidocrocite and sunstone.

Necklace from the Icarus collection of garnet, lepidocrocite and sunstone.

Earrings from the Icarus collection of sol stone.

Pieces of the Icaro collection:

Long necklace of lepidocrocite, garnet, and quartz.

Sun, garnet, and hematite stone choker.

Sunstone earrings.

Necklace from the Lunaria Labradorite collection and silver pieces plated in rose gold.

Lunaria collection necklaces related to Labradorite

Rings of the Forami collection created with pink tourmaline.

Earrings from the Forami collection made with pink tourmaline.

Pieces of the Eleusis collection of top quality aquamarine and white gold.