colección sirocco amatista

Like the wind, Sirocco collection arrives with renewed airs. This Marybola collection features a very appreciated gem: amethyst. Carved in different shapes and sizes, the amethyst colors of this collection are inspired by Spanish fans. A symbol of our tradition and with a deep-rooted meaning.

The fan has always been an elegant feminine complement, but it has also served to communicate. In this collection, we have interpreted the language of the fan. This game of movements is the one we follow in this collection: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants with one or several fans that bring a flash of light to the intensity of the amethyst.

colección sirocco con amatista y plata
colección sirocco con amatista y plata
joyas de sirocco

It's time to create your own language with Sirocco

Each piece of our new Sirocco collection is created with an amethyst of an intense purple and of high quality.

Sirocco is mounted with rhodium-plated 925 silver fan-shaped pieces, which is antiallergic, so we can all use it and finished with white zircons that bring light to this jewel.