Elys is an angel, who with her wings transports us to dream places, cradles us when we need shelter and shows us our own wings when we forget our ability to overcome.

Elys is the caress of that loved one, it is the light breeze and the soft sound of an affectionate word.

It is a collection of contrasts, a mixture of soft tones of moonstone in all its variants together with sunstone. Whites, cream, ochre and peach blend into an ideal chromatic range for this spring. Where subtle but powerful silver wings crown each of Elys’ pieces. They remind us that they are there with a mission: to make you lighter, more powerful and more confident than ever.

Elys 1
Elys 2
ELys 3

Elys: your wings to fly

The elastic bracelets combine sunstone with cream and peach moonstone. They are made with pieces of different sizes and finished with polished and brushed 925 sterling silver.

The earrings mounted in 925 silver come in different sizes, some longer and more colourful for special moments and others shorter and more subtle to combine with everyday pieces.

Pendants are one of the key pieces in this collection: large but subtle. Mounted with nappa leather and 925 sterling silver chain, they add that dose of elegant character.

Finally, the chokers combine the moonstone pieces with modern chains that appear to be strong and firm but are actually weightless, hollow and light.

Elys’ wings will undoubtedly take you wherever you want to go.