Argo collection

argo collection

Argo collection

Argo collection by marybola

Dive into an endless journey with Argo. A song to the sea, to the summer. Its name is inspired by the ship that bears this name that we can find in Greek mythology◊. With Argo you immerse yourself in an exciting journey in which its colours and shapes will allow you a striking and elegant game, ideal for this season.

The adventures of the Argo ship and its crew spread all over the world. The prow of this brilliant ship made of oak wood was crowned with a brilliant circle painted in shades of blue with red detail. This ring, which closes in itself, was its defence, thus representing the protection of the goddess Hera, who protected Argo and its crew from sieges, storms and delusions.

In the Argo collection, the circular shape is also present with an irregular and natural touch as well as geometric. The circle represents unity, absolute and perfection. It is a symbol of the sky in relation to the Earth, of the spiritual in relation to the material.

argo collection by marybola
argo apatite and agate

The circle is sacred because it is the most natural shape. It is the one that contains the other forms, eternity.

Argo colours come from the interpretation of the combination of shades used in fashion: white, blue and red. They are three colours that we usually find combined in many summer clothes. In this collection, these tones have been subtly modified to create an attractive yet extroverted combination.

The gems that add colour to Argo are apatite of an intense blue colour reminiscent of the sea, and a ruby-toned agate combined with the pieces of polished and brushed silver. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are the protagonists of a season full of colour.