coleccion alejandria
The Alejandria collection is inspired by the grandeur of Ancient Egypt. More specifically, the biggest inspiration is Cleopatra, the first and last woman Pharaoh who ruled the Nile civilization. All jewels follow a geometric pattern so that a necklace or bracelet can look like an authentic Egyptian hieroglyph. Dark colors such as black and light brown are the kings of this collection, which can also appear accompanied by pink, gray and silver tones.
coleccion alejandria pendientes
coleccion alejandria pendientes
coleccion marybola alejandria

Pharaonic jewels in a street style version

In this collection, you will find the street style pieces of the jewelry that came out in the catwalk format during Fashion Week in Madrid for the Fall-Winter 2018/2019 season. One of the main differences between one collection and another is the size of the pieces that are smaller in the street version. This collection is more comfortable and it is a good way to wear exclusive jewelry in your day to day. The jewels are handcrafted and made with multiple stones, minerals and gems such as muscovite, crystal quartz, rose quartz, pyrite, onyx, shungite, and tulikivi. Each jewel is made combining polished and brushed 925 silver.