Sultán Collection

colección sultán

Sultán collection

colección sultán

Sultan is one of the most heartfelt collections of Marybola. The root of our ancestors is in Menorca, the place where love for horses, these beautiful and elegant animals, and its tradition are present in each corner of the island.

Sultan is the king, elegant and sophisticated, full of shades and lights. Its colours reflect the clarity of an island that maintains the original and pure nature and merges with a reinvented symbol that marks our feeling: the horseshoe. Good luck comes with Sultan; it is our partner, original and distinguished, refined and stylish. By having it close you feel the energy of our roots, the purity of our animals and the peace of our nature.

pulsera sultán
pendientes sultan

Sultán, feel the energy of our roots

Sultán jewellery is composed of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made with 925 silver plated in rhodium and gemstones. The main natural stones are lavender amethyst, citrine and ametrine. Fresh and warm tones that matches with our everyday style. The main design emulates a horseshoe composed of white zircons that illuminate our face and skin.

We invite you to discover our land with Sultán.